We're a Social Enterprise!

Social Mission

We are much more than just a coworking space, we are PAPER CIC – a social enterprise set up in 2014 to support young people to develop a career in the creative sector.

Located in St. Pauls, we promote socially responsible coworking, channeling the income produced from our workspace and meeting room hire back into our programmes to support the next generation of creative entrepreneurs.

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PAPER was initially founded by Simone Kidner in 2012 as a submission based publication to provide a platform for artists to get their work noticed, yet she quickly became aware that there was a lack of practical resources for young people trying to start a career in the creative sector. This led her to launch PAPER CIC as a social enterprise in 2014 alongside Blanca Munoz, to bridge that gap and provide structured pathways into a notoriously difficult industry to get started in.

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It was after 2 years operating from a central Bristol location that the idea for Redbrick House was born. We were looking for a more permanent base for our organisation as well as a way to provide a sustainable income source to support our programmes for young people.

Coming across a 4-storey disused council building in St. Pauls sparked our imagination, plenty of space for our own operations with the potential to provide a range of different workspaces and meeting rooms allowing us to generate an income. With the support of Resonance we were able to purchase the building and after a 6-month renovation period to transform the tired 80’s office building into a bright and airy space, we opened in late 2016 to our first members. Nearly 3 years later we have over 60 start-ups, entrepreneurs & freelancers operating out of the building.

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Redbrick House was built on the idea that “100 Heads are Greater than 1”, rather than focusing on particular industries we wanted to create a diverse community built on community & collaboration. Our space houses studio cubicles, permanent desks as well as flexible coworking space on the top floor.

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Most importantly, the model for Redbrick House fits perfectly within the ethos of the organisation, our PAPER Arts youth programmes teach enterprise skills and empower young people to turn their talents into a career.  So being based in a space full of entrepreneurs and freelancers who have done just that is a fantastic source of inspiration. And it also provides our members with the opportunity to give back, supporting our young people as mentors or supplementing their income through facilitating workshops.

Our vision is to revolutionise the world of work through empowering people to do what they love which we aim to achieve through creating spaces for personal development, connection and enterprise.

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“Great space, great location, great staff. Interesting and varied skill base of members. Suits me perfectly. professional enough to bring clients, but relaxed and big enough to build and test prototypes.”

Theo Davies
Product designer, Bang Creations Ltd

To discover more about our PAPER Art’s youth programmes, visit our dedicated website.

If you like our social mission and want to find out whether we’re right for you, check out more about what we do.