What motivates Redbricker Kyle Hannan?


Kyle Hannan has been a man of many roles, from former club DJ to founder of the social enterprise Eco Media Collective (EMC). Kyle states that “all of us have a story to tell” and he desperately wants everyone to realise this. This is why EMC was set up as it helps organisations that want to make media and get a message across to do just this and share, share, share!

Kyle’s methods vary, but his focus is mainly on audio. You may wonder why – we live in a society obsessed with social media, video and image, so why does he sway from this? “We are all busy!” He prefers to give people something they can listen to whilst getting another task done, whether it be exercising or cooking dinner. All that is needed is the audio. The rawness of a story is found simply in the person’s voice and what is being said. Kyle stresses how easy this is to capture and pass on for others to hear, without worrying about the faff of video.

Unsurprisingly, it was the weekly coffee and cake event that first lured Kyle in to Redbrick House! He then took up an offer he couldn’t refuse of a permanent space and has now been here for a year. Bristol was a suitable new home for Kyle to relocate to in late 2001 after living in Asia due to its “access to international airports and motorways, countryside, media across the city and a vibe that is small enough to feel like you can walk everywhere yet big enough to not feel limited.” He also refers to Bristol as his “home from home” with the bonus of his grandparents being from Somerset.


Cape Town acts as Kyle’s second home to Bristol as he is from South Africa. This is where his long history of community broadcasting began with him being the head of his campus radio station at university. He undoubtedly has a distinct ‘radio voice’ for the job. Remarkably, Kyle has achieved three firsts in his career – the first radio station to break the South African apartheid government’s monopoly on broadcasting, the first community radio station in Nelson Mandela’s home town (where he also trained DJs from villages without electricity) and the first combined Jewish Muslim online radio station called Salaam Shalom here in Bristol.

Kyle can most likely be found working away at his desk with his headphones in on the enterprise floor of Redbrick House, but he of course pops up to the social area on the top floor every Wednesday for Coffee & Cake! We fired five more questions to help you get to know him just that bit better:

1)  What do you love the most about what you do?

I meet a lot of people, I hear a lot of great stuff, and that’s what I love most. The variety.

2) Is there a particular book you have found useful for your business?

Yes! The Check in Journal by a speaker called Robert Craven. The best thing about it is that my wife who knows nothing about business and doesn’t want to, still finds that the book tells her enough to make sure that she kicks my butt when it needs kicking…

3) What type of music would you choose to listen to while you are at Redbrick?

I would say old school jazzy hip hop or deep soulful non vocal house music is my thing.

4) What type of cake do you hope to find at ‘Coffee & Cake’ each Wednesday?

The cake I would love to find but don’t believe I ever will is a speciality from my home country South Africa and it is called Koeksister. THAT, is my absolute favourite sweet cake. It is basically like a deep fried plaited hard doughnut filled with syrup and honey…it’s aamaaaazing.

5) What do you like to do in your free time?

I play a lot of PC games, historical RTS games, first person shooters. I also like watching interesting fantasy and sci-fi on TV, things like MR. Robot and historical shows like Man In The High Castle.


We hope you enjoyed meeting Kyle Hannan and if you want to find out more about what he does, go to: easymediacompany.uk

 Written by Hannah Millington