Lou Matter


We spoke to Lou Matter who will be giving a talk at our Cake & Coffee Meet up on Wednesday the 1st of March.

Q 1. What’s your passion in life?

‘Probably travelling – always had a passion for adventure but only really started getting going the last few years, spent my redundancy on a random trip around Africa; South America; Egypt and Thailand….spent a career break going from Cuba through to Argentina.’

Q 2. What do you do?

‘I am the South West Area Manager for the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) a role which keeps me on the road, travelling and meeting people.  I work with Fellows (members) of the RSA connecting them with each other; organising and hosting events; helping them with community projects and staying connected with the RSA’s work’

Q 3. Why is it important?

‘The RSA was set up in a coffee shop in the 1750s by people who wanted to make society a better place, this is still our philosophy today.  Turning ideas into action by connecting people and looking at ways to improve the world we live in.  It is a global community and growing all the time.  In our fractured world it is a place for thinkers and doers.’

Q 4. What will you be presenting at this week’s Cake and Coffee event?

‘An introduction to the RSA and its history and the work we are currently involved in, locally and nationally. ‘

Q 5. Top tip for business/industry

‘I might use the word connecting a lot but I think this is vital….particularly in person, starts so many interesting conversations, ideas and solves problems.’

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