Helen Brown – Cake & Coffee

This weeks special guest is Helen Brown from Kecks Clothing. We asked Helen the usual questions to find out a little bit more about what she does and why.

Q 1. What’s your passion in life?

Rethinking and reinventing

Q 2. What do you do?

I upcycle waste products, mainly textiles, and try to help others rethink their idea of waste

Q 3. Why is it important?

The textile industry has the second largest carbon footprint of all world industries, 70% of its workforce are women – its a big factor in our future as a species

Q 4. What will you be presenting at this week’s Cake and Coffee event?

A little about my business and how residents can get involved

Q 5. Top tip for business/industry

Maintain your integrity, sometimes its all you have.

Find out more:

Facebook: kecksclothingbristol

Instagram: @Kecksclothing