George Baldwin – CAKE & COFFEE

This weeks member of the week is George Baldwin. He will be giving a small demonstration of his recent work on Wednesday the 8th of March at our Cake and Coffee Meet up. Take a peek at the interview below to find out a bit more.

Q 1. What’s your passion in life?

I have a few but it probably all boils down to art, technology and the odd bit of skateboarding.

Q 2. What do you do?

I am one half of the artist duo eegb. Essentially we make machines and robots that draw. Our practice lies at the intersection of drawing and technology and is very process based. I am more of the programmer and Edmund takes care of the electronics/engineering but we both did the same degree, specialising in drawing. For the last two years we have been going on artist residences and exhibiting in the UK, Ireland, Germany and the USA.

Q 3. Why is it important?

We started eegb because of overlapping interests into technology and how it can be used for creative means. I feel it has become more relevant than ever to question how we use technology especially as it is so integrated into our everyday lives.  Ultimately our work results in a bit of a paradox. We hope it can entice a sense of wonder with developments in science & technology but at the same time there is underlying suspicion related to authorship, labour and general concerns relating to our own humanity.

Q 4. What will you be presenting at this week’s Cake and Coffee event?

A little introduction to our recent project ‘gestalt’ and there will be something interactive to play with.

Website: https://eegb.co/

Email: george@eegb.co.uk