Collaboration & Learning

At Redbrick House we aim to create a collaborative coworking community that engages, benefits, and supports each other.

Our spaces are specifically designed to help creatives, freelancers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas, whilst providing opportunities for peer to peer learning, networking and socialising. Because what is the point of work if it’s not social and fun!

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We strongly believe that coworking, collaboration and networking are the quickest ways to boost your productivity, because 100 Heads are always BETTER than 1! Due to this philosophy, we encourage informal and formal meetups, from weekly cake and coffee sessions, to monthly brunch, and pub outings.

We offer regular enterprise talks and workshops including hosting a monthly Creators Club event where everyone can share their practice with others, as well sharing a range of helpful online articles, tips and information via our social media platforms.

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Also, as a social enterprise we welcome and encourage members to get involved in our PAPER Arts programmes by mentoring and sharing their specialist knowledge with the young people who participate in our range of courses.

Just check out our articles below to find out what makes us tick and to understand more about our community, events and philosophy.

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We’re also interested in hosting meet-ups for a variety of groups to engage with our community, so if you have a meet-up you’d like us to host, then please let us know by emailing