Britt MacFarlane – Cake & Coffee

This weeks special guest is Britt MacFarlane, a higher conscious consultant. We asked Britt the usual questions to get a little snippet before todays Cake & Coffee event, at 3pm.

Q 1. What’s your passion in life?

Human potential – I think there is so much more to being human than we are currently using and I love to learn and share what I have learnt with others.  My aim is to use my life positively and have no regrets.

Q 2. What do you do?

I am a Higher Conscious Consultant – I work with companies and individuals to achieve their full potential in a way that impacts their success and the world positively.

Q 3. Why is it important?

Because how we currently behave can be destructive and it doesn’t need to be this way

Q 4. What will you be presenting at this week’s Cake and Coffee event?

I will be holding an interactive mini workshop on developing trust and respect, traits that most of us would love to have a bit more of.

Q 5. Top tip for business/industry

Change yourself to change your experience.