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A collaborative community

At Redbrick House we are keen to create a collaborative community that engages, benefits and supports each other, that is why we are dedicated to providing many opportunities for peer to peer learning, networking and socialising. Because what is the point of work if it’s not social and fun!

Regular Events

Coffee & Cake


Every Wednesday

Get high on Cake & Coffee after a work lull, make new friends & catch up with old ones.

Redbrick Round-Ups

Professional and Personal Development

Every 3 months
6pm – 9pm

Engage in workshops that will better equip you to develop your work and make life that bit simpler.

Creativity & Enterprise Events

Cake & Coffee

Every Wednesday, 3pm


Every Wed afternoon our coworkers put their work on hold and get involved in conversation with other members with a mouth full of cake. Join us to be inspired and share ideas.


If you’d like to tell the group about a project or a new idea, then get in touch with us about booking a 15 minute slot:


Understanding your natural rhythm

24th July, 6.30 – 8.30pm

Are you interested in harnessing greater productivity, creativity, and well-being? Then join Bex Baxter life coach and former People Development Manager at Coexist, for a workshop about understanding natural cycles that allows everyone to work and live at their optimum.


This workshop is part of the PAPER Arts and Redbrick House Creativity and Enterprise Series funded by the RSA.

Book Now

We’re also interested in hosting meet-ups for a variety of groups to engage with our community, so if you have a meet-up you’d like us to host, then please let us know: