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The 5 Most Interesting Moments in the History of Coworking

Thanks to our lovely friends over at FreeOfficeFinder, we recently discovered a bit more about the history of coworking and the role Redbrick House plays in this vast evolving tapestry of workspaces. Throughout the history of coworking, coworking spaces have often been more than just a work environment. They have often been set up to make the…

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More than just Cake and Coffee!

Every Wednesday at 3pm Redbrick House and PAPER Arts hosts it’s well known Cake & Coffee Meetup. Open to everyone, it is the perfect time for our coworkers and those who have joined us to feel inspired and share ideas as well as chowing down on a piece of cake! Lots of members of the public…

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What motivates Redbricker Kyle Hannan?

  Kyle Hannan has been a man of many roles, from former club DJ to founder of the social enterprise Eco Media Collective (EMC). Kyle states that “all of us have a story to tell” and he desperately wants everyone to realise this. This is why EMC was set up as it helps organisations that…

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PAPER Arts and Redbrick House; connecting the dots…

We often get asked why Redbrick House is a not-for-profit coworking space. If you want to know the answer and discover more about how PAPER Arts drives our ethos here, then read on to connect the dots…        There is no doubt that PAPER Arts should be defined by its slogan ‘empowering young creatives…

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The view from my laptop – Hannah Millington

It has been a busy time for Redbrick House over the last 6 months as our community has grown and developed! So we thought what a great time to ask some of our members and visitors to give us their thoughts.  As a creative writer and a Redbrick House intern, this is Hannah’s view from…

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David Richmond – Cake & Coffee

What are the benefits of understanding development? Cake & Coffee this week will be hosted by David Richmond.  See you all Wednesday at 3pm! Q 1. What’s your passion in life? ‘My passion is people and life. I am in awe at the beauty and wonder of the world and am constantly amazed by the extraordinary resourcefulness and creativity…

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Ursula – Cake & Coffee

  Last week we found out all about Indies in Bristol’, a campaign led by Ursula Hutchinson, the creative director of Konichiwa, that promotes the power of shopping independent in our city.  We asked Ursula the all important questions to find out a little bit more about . Q 1. What’s your passion in life? I love…

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James Alexander – Cake & Coffee

For this weeks Cake & Coffee Meet up we have James Alexander an illustrator, painter and sculptor. We asked James our five favourite questions to get a sneak preview before his Q 1. What’s your passion in life? Rethinking and reinventing Q 2. What do you do? I make my living as an illustrator but I also paint and…

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Helen Brown – Cake & Coffee

This weeks special guest is Helen Brown from Kecks Clothing. We asked Helen the usual questions to find out a little bit more about what she does and why. Q 1. What’s your passion in life? Rethinking and reinventing Q 2. What do you do? I upcycle waste products, mainly textiles, and try to help others…

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Britt MacFarlane – Cake & Coffee

This weeks special guest is Britt MacFarlane, a higher conscious consultant. We asked Britt the usual questions to get a little snippet before todays Cake & Coffee event, at 3pm. Q 1. What’s your passion in life? Human potential – I think there is so much more to being human than we are currently using and…

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