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go site What are the benefits of understanding development? Cake & Coffee this week will be hosted by David Richmond.  See you all Wednesday at 3pm!

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go to link Q 1. What’s your passion in life? ‘My passion is people and life. I am in awe at the beauty and wonder of the world and am constantly amazed by the extraordinary resourcefulness and creativity of the people I meet.

persuasive thesis statement child abuse Q 2. What do you do? I do development.  I hope I can help people find authentic ways of living and working.  This is often by  listening to people and helping them express themselves clearly, perhaps through a funding application or simply taking a walk to focus on a idea, a problem, or a change in life.

source Q 3. Why is it important?

go to link I think it is important that we can all be ourselves. It isn’t always easy to be ‘in development’ but it’s not just better for our own quality of life, it is also essential if we are to tackle the injustice and inequality in the world. Q 4. What will you be presenting at this week’s Cake and Coffee event?

here At this week’s Cake and Coffee event I’ll be talking about the benefits of understanding development,  introducing a simple practical tool that helps us engage with our creative potential and extolling the virtues of going for a walk!

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stereotype essay Q 5. Top tip for business/industry

go to site My top tip for industry is to recognise that who we are is our greatest strength, if we all stopped trying to cover up our weaknesses we would have more time for the positive, creative growth that makes life so wonderful’.


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